The currency at Waking Life is Klingeling (€1 = 1KL). You can acquire Klingelings at a discount via pre-topup via the widget below. After Waking Life, you have two weeks to reclaim any remaining value.

Creating an account is easy:

Step 1: Enter your email address;
Step 2: Fill out some basic personal data;
Step 3: Enter your ticket barcode, ready for topup.

WeezPay widget

Why topup pre-Waking Life?

– Receive extra Klingeling on top of your pre-purchased amount;
– Reload before and during the festival via the app;
– Register your credit card for a faster top-up;
– Check your account balance and transaction history;
– Block your wristband and get a new one in case of loss or theft;
– Get a refund of your account balance up until two weeks after Waking Life.


Click here for Cashless FAQ.

Click here for more information about Klingeling refunds after Waking Life.