Hi there!

Waking Life is the result of the vision and joint effort of a big group of people. It’s this communal aspect that enables its uniqueness and diversity. Hop on board and help us keep on building this experience, being it by constructing new avenues on our never ending grounds, helping out the eco department, or lending a hand on one of the teams that make all this silliness possible.

So, you’re here because you want to volunteer at Waking Life this year? Alrighty then, but make sure to read this page carefully, as it contains important information regarding the procedure, timings, and the refund policy.

Your application

Applications are open now and can be submitted through the link you will find at the bottom of this page. Your application will only be finalised once you have filled out your personal info, your experience and motivations and available dates to participate in Waking Life as a volunteer. Don’t forget to provide us with a valid email address, it will be the main way to receive information from us. Check your spam folder every now and then.

Important note: all volunteers need to buy a 6-day ticket in advance. Volunteers who apply after July 12th need to pay a deposit of €100 on top of the ticket price. This deposit serves to guarantee that you show up for your shift, we hope you understand this. Please don’t bail out on us, we depend on your commitment.

Selection procedure

After sending in your volunteer application you will receive an email asking you to verify your email address and to visit the Beeple platform to enter your available volunteering dates. Once we received this information we can start the analyzation process, which can take up to 14 days. Please note that there might be more applications than available positions. Specific check-in details and shift timings will be sent to you closer to the festival by email.

Volunteering period

Depending on your availability you can help us before, during and/or after the festival.

° Build-up: July 22nd – August 13th (very very latest arrival date August 10th) = FULL
° During Waking Life: August 13th – August 19th
° Breakdown: August 19th – August 31st

The build-up is full at the moment. However, if you have some kind of super skill, try your luck and tell us anyway! Volunteers helping before and after the festival will be involved in all on site build-up and take-down related work. We count on at least 5 days of help.

All volunteers who work during Waking Life are required to work 3 shifts of 8 hours. Please take into account that we can schedule your first shift on your first available date at 00:01. We suggest that you either arrive in time to set up camp, or enter your first available date after your day of arrival. When scheduling your shifts we try to find a good balance between work and time off so that you can enjoy the festival as well. Nevertheless, we expect a certain flexibility from your side towards your volunteering schedule.

Here’s an overview of the different roles that need filling. Food and drinks will be available during your shifts.


Behind the bar you are the face of salvation to dehydration, the smile after waiting for you drink, and the promise of a crazy night.

Welcoming / Ticket scanning

Whoop! The welcome wagon of Waking Life. The one of the first faces other participants see, and the one giving them a big, fat, warm ‘bom dia!’. 


As a steward, you make sure people know the right way from the wrong way. An essential piece of the puzzle to avoid general chaos and ensure a smooth flow.

EcoPiratas / Eco team

You’re one of Mother Earth’s personal heroes. Taking care of the soil we walk on, the water we swim in, and all of the creatures around you is a very noble and important task. Sounds like your cup of rum? Get on board!

Cinema permanence

The cinema is a place to sit back and relax, to come down and be moved. Every night between 22:00 – 06:00, you will be the showmaster. You own the play and pause button. In case of a technical issue, you’ll be saving the day (night).

Welcoming / Community guidelines

Together with your co-workers at the camping gate, you make sure all visitors are ready and set before entering the Waking Life land. You’ll explain fellow participants about recycling, safety related matters, and collecting environmental data, while handing out the necessary goodies such as garbage bags, ashtrays and the WL programme.

Volunteer administration

Helping the crew management team with the volunteer administration, you will welcome and guide other volunteers on site.

Info point

There you are, everyone’s hero! Fellow participants will come to you with all kinds of questions. Hopefully you’ll be able to answer some of them… (of course you will)

Flex team

As a flexer, you are Waking Life’s Jack of all trades. Your tasks will vary according to where we need you the most. In case one of the other volunteers cannot do his or her shift, you might have to jump in. You could also support another team on a busy moment.


Being part of the EcoPiratas team is believing that there is no celebration without responsibility for the environment.

EcoPiratas is a family that aims to ensure that Waking Life, in addition to being clean and beautiful, is always in tune with mother nature. We will be responsible for the clearing and separating of waste for recycling, as well as helping fellow participants understand our sustainability policies and respect for nature and life.

Despite being full of fun and unforgettable moments, working in the eco team is serious and essential.

EcoPiratas will be responsible for:

° Cleaning of the terrain, respecting the separation of the waste that will be recycled;
° Making all participants of Waking Life aware about sustainability policies;
° Ensure that everyone has fun in a safe, clean and environmentally friendly environment.


All volunteers need to buy a 6-day ticket in advance. Volunteers who apply after July 12th need to pay a deposit of €100 on top of the ticket price. This deposit serves to guarantee that you show up for your shift, we hope you understand this. We will only be able to finally confirm your participation as a volunteer once we received the order number of your purchase.

This procedure is needed for us to make sure that all volunteers complete the minimum required number of hours. It is your responsibility to make sure you have been correctly signed in at the beginning of each shift at the crew office or by your zone manager.

A few weeks after the festival we’ll proceed with the refund of the volunteers who have completed their scheduled shifts. This will happen through our ticket platform Paylogic. Attention! Refunds will be issued to the buyer of the provided ticket and exclude service fees.


Important: We hope this won’t apply to you, but in the case of cancellation please email us at work@wakinglife.pt as soon as you can, since we’ll need to find someone else to take your place.

How to get there?

Firstly, we highly encourage to leave your car at home and come to Waking Life by public transportation or car sharing. You can also reach Crato with Rede Expressos buses, which leave daily from Lisbon. For those who work during the festival, there will be shuttles leaving from Lisbon, Madrid and Porto on Wednesday August 14th and Thursday August 15th. Make sure not to forget your camping gear.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

Register here to volunteer at Waking Life 2019.