After Waking Life you will be able to request a refund for your unspent balance by clicking HERE. This link will open 2 days after the event and will last for 2 weeks (from August 22nd, 00:00 until September 5th, 23:59). Please take into account that processing all the requested refunds takes some time. Your unspent balance will be paid back after the refund period is finished (between September 6th and September 20th).

You will need the 14 characters of the unique code that comes on the back of your card and the details of the bank account where you want your money refunded. A transaction fee of €1 will be applied on all refunds.

Please note that refunds are only possible for all participants that own an International Bank Account Number (IBAN). If you don’t hold an IBAN, be sure to spend all of your Klingelings at Waking Life or ask a friend who has an IBAN to request the refund for you.


When asking for a refund online, you can choose the option to donate a part or all of your remaining balance to the Waking Life project. Waking Life is being funded without any corporate sponsorships. We want to keep it like this, but it’s not the easiest way. Everyone who believes in our mission can support us by donating 25, 50, 75 or 100% of the remaining balance.

The raised amount will be directly invested in artistic, ecological and social projects, such as Orquídea.


For volunteer refunds, please reach out to

More questions? Mail to