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Carlotta // Marzia
Premazzi // Braggion
+351 913389135 //+351 916376419
Glitch&Flower // Marzia & the spaceship project
Please find the link to our proposal in a PDF format. We believe that our project offers a unique perspective and would be a great addition to the festival's lineup.
Instagram: @carlottapremazzi @marzia_and_thespaceshipproject ///
Please find the link to our proposal in a PDF format. We believe that our project offers a unique perspective and would be a great addition to the festival's lineup.
Nane Kahle
Nane Kahle identifies as a non-binary Berlin based, multi-cultural, interdisciplinary performance researcher and artist. She spent her formative years in Ivory Coast, Senegal, the Caribbean before her relocation to France. This multiplicity and migration informs her way of seeing and existing, manifesting as a creative practice, at the intersection of theatre, movement, music and medicine. Coming from a bio-chemistry background, Nane’s connection with nature, belonging and the unnatural converges as a curiosity exploring the dynamic interactions between living organisms, intangible belonging and the tangible ecologies of being. Myth making and ancestral knowledge preservation are explored in her practice, where aspects concerning transformation care and healing are at the center. The vitality of creative energy allows her practice to function as a conduit, invigorating her community building efforts as well as her own personal processes. Her curatorial and performance work the Out Of Time Embassy, Sonic Interventions Collective and CultSup see her producing, curating contemplative and empowering environments for marginalised voices to be heard. Nane Kahle is interested in personifying the natural elements, exploring how these phenomena exist in ritualistic contexts by different cultural groups across Africa coming from a place of one source. She connects these geographical separations by bringing awareness to the shared encounters with elements, choreographies, mask making, and the characters of forgotten gods. Science and spirituality in Ancient African contexts is undivided, where the origins of chaos theory are embodied and utilised in a multitude of healing modalities in both ancient and contemporary climates. The connections between these separated entities and ways of being are explored, in her multi-dimensional practice where dialogical exchanges, conversations, nourishment, composition, and decomposition are explored. The interconnectedness of all things is explored and embodied in this interdisciplinary practice where Nane works with biological science, the science of being, rituals, ancestral technologies, choreographies of freedom and sound. 𓋹𓍑𓋴
2 mics and 1 DI box
55 (11) 9878 44411
São Paulo
If interested, we can discuss futher details, thank you :)
Vi Amoras
My proposition to Waking life would be to create a video mapping installation considering the specific context of the festival, or to perfom a live vj set like the one in the video attached. I am a transdisciplinary artist from Brazil. My research focuses on ecological interactions as part of the understanding that humans are not separated from nature and from each other. I translate critical thoughts mainly using video art and live video performances. Graduated with a Bachelor of Fashion design at the State University of Santa Catarina and a foundation in Art Therapy at the Metáfora school. My work has already been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro and in several art festivals such as Ubër Wasser Festival in Berlin, SSA Mapping, Rock the Mountain, Burning Man, among others.
projector min of (3500 lumens) 10m hdmi cable power source
LIVE solo LIVE with band
Hanna Leess
I’m a songwriter folkstress born in USA but Berlin based for 10 years. After mothering two girls I’m ready to perform again. .::::::::::::: “ Hanna Leess is a spastic maker whose voice guilds the universe with its loveliness. Though some might see it as varnish in fact it is blue notes of unmitigated abandon. Hanna Leess channels and shudders when she sings, letting her vibration shake through every cell. What you hear is a multi-instrument talent that encompasses an old soul singing from her mind body and spirit. A connection to the music, obvious."
I could perform with my guitar which I would need one DI for and a mic
Habiah da Lua
Bellydance Company
Sound system
I have to say I´m a big fan of WL. Last year I volunteered as an ecopirate, and it was a beautiful experience...I enjoyed every second of it! The organization, the teams, the initiatives, the community, the curation of the music..everything.... truly inspiring. This year, I really wish to participate bringing music to WL, planting a little seed of southamerica especially, from the virgin lands of my dear Patagonia.
Barbie Williams
My name is Barbie Williams, and I'm an Argentinian singer, composer, and performer. In 2016 I moved to Berlin, where I immersed in electronic music, working with different artists like Tobias Freund (Ostgut), Kangding Ray (Raster-Noton), Recent Arts (NSP), Automat / Max Loderbauer, Bryan Kessler, among others. Diving through techno, minimal, to ambient experimental music. Since 2018, I'm part of the pop band SIAMES, as a lead singer and composer. This year Im releasing my solo project and my first EP - Al volante - where I mix latinoamerican music with electronic and pop productions. 
 The set I want to present in WL is a live show of 60-80 min - one guitarist and myself- singing and looping my voice over tracks I produced, as well as just playing raw folklore and boleros with a Spanish guitar. I want to share sounds from my hometown, Patagonia, mixed with boleros, habaneras, and tango sparks through choral arrangements, textures, ludic samples, and electronic productions. This is an invitation to those who want to explore autochthonous South American landscapes to the warm climates that vibrant dance moves provoke.
Band formation: -1 voice ( looper+fx machine) -1 guitarist - Spanish Guitar I will use one computer to play some tracks. We will need: -console of minimum 4 channels -1 or 2 monitors -2 mic stands -1 microphone (for Spanish guitar) -1 table - to set my voice looper and computer
If the fire is not allowed in the festival, I can adapt and do the performance with LEDs, but obviusly the performance is about the fire so it would be great represent this element.
I do hypnotic tribal improvisation dancing, with fire. Usually with fire pois that are very controlled and safe. I suggest a small but meaningful performance of fire in a controlled and safe area. One of the elements that I miss most in WL is fire, and I also know the sensibility of this matter, especially in Portuguese summer. But with planning and safety measures, an accident will be very easily avoidable. I work with other people and a collective performance is also possible.
fireman and fire extinguisher.
Scenographic work and contact with materials interests me immensely. In case there is no possibility of framing this installation performance in the festival, I would like to add that I am available to be present providing any necessary help in the construction of the stage/scenery or for decoration.
Márcia Mendes
Sankofa is a performance that articulates, using textiles and installation, issues inherent to the body as a vehicle for liberation, and to santori, a state of understanding, total presence and simultaneous absence of the mind. This ritual was woven for the community in order to explore the possibilities of textiles as a potential invitation to pause. It encourages the transmutation of the individualistic ego through the creation of a moment of collective experience, which underlines the need to link human beings to their ancestry, community and space. In a society oriented solely and exclusively to production, certain behavioral standards are imposed with a focus on the efficiency and functionality of the individual as a cog in the gear of the productivity system. The truth is that, due to this model, there is enormous repression, to the point where it becomes unnecessary to process the feeling. It is urgent to conserve energetic, physical and emotional integrity, and stopping is the starting point for this conservation of the Being. Denominated by an adinkra element, written by the Akan peoples of West Africa, it symbolizes a conscious return to origins, in an attempt to link body and space. The materials used were steel, burlap, old glass socks, stuffing, fabric, plastic sleeve, raw factory cloth remains, wire, donated clothing, electrical cables, nets and fishing ropes. The whole performance is based on the act of fetching people from the audience to be rolled up with various parts of the installation, which, due to their different materials, evoke different sensations.
This performance installation was developed to be presented in an auditorium, but it can be adapted to the outside. It is made up of three individual steel structures, whose silhouette resembles that of a house - square at the bottom and triangular at the top - and which were joined by bars at the top and sides. This installation was 4mx 2,5m x 2m , with the respective parts joined together, it was also covered by a plastic sleeve ceiling, using sound and light to become an immersive space. Taking advantage of the context of the festival, the three individual structures could be arranged separately, without a roof and in a strategic space, so that the spectator could reconnect with his own body, seeing and listening to creations by other artists. The performative act of trying to contact the (audience) body with the space (installation) would be maintained, through the winding, but the audiovisual resources of the space in which the installation was placed would be used. These two forms of presentation are valid and could be discussed with the closed or tripartite installation organization. In both cases, a transport requirement would be required from Cacémlisboa to the festival, as well as help to move the structure within the festival. In case the Production prefers that the performance be carried out with closed installation (as in the video) help with the montage would also be needed.
My old of 10 years finally came to end so i am now playing solo under Insali! I hope you like the music ;" Ill be playing on keys with one mic and my guitarist will be playing with me also! I just moved to Portugal in October and looking forward to meeting you all! I also host events called @heapstiny and love putting together festivals! Its going to be sick!!
Imagine an Australian songstress sitting at her piano infusing pop/soulful piano driven melodies with a voice that pulls at all the right heart strings, be prepared to cry and laugh all at once as Insali takes you down her beautiful musical journey.
keyboard out/ one mic output/guitar amp
I am also very happy to offer contact improvisation, yoga or somatic movement workshop during the festival. As it is my speciality to work with the body, movement, somatic and trauma work, through embodiment. Much love Eva
Soul in Motion
I am a professional contemporary dancer and choreographer. I would like to present my solo dance performance, called BLACKBIRD. I will use pre-recorded music and the whole dance solo will be around 8min. I am sending you a video from the first half, the second half will be improvised in situ.
I will need a speaker and stage, p;at from or a flat place where I can perform dance barefooted.
La Orquesta Informal
PRESSKIT ONLINE: LA ORQUESTA INFORMAL is a "traveling band-orchestra" that mixes Latin rhythms with European gypsy music colors. Thus, they play between RUMBA, CUMBIA, SKA, SWING, BALKAN and ROCK, proposing a mestizo and worldly festive sound that has already united 14 countries and cultures. "We are all the same, under the rays of the Sun" (El Sol, Mestizonando 2018) The group was born in late 2009 in Argentina, and has performed consistently in his country, as well as in Brazil and Uruguay. In 2018 he emigrated to Europe and made his first Europeantour, bringing his music to international festivals, clubs and bars in: Russia, Finland, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium and Germany. From 2019 to 2022 the band did 3 more European Tours (2020 was cancelled due to COVID worldcrisis).
+351 961222882
The video clip we have provided you with is a demo for you to understand our direction and vibe, the live performance will take on some differences. We have been to many previous editions of Waking Life festival, and are now very excited to propose this project for 2023 edition so to contribute to the festival with creative projects developed in Portugal. We consider this proposal a collaboration, we do not ask for financial retribution for the performance, just a contribution for our travel expenses and food. Looking forward to hearing back from you, Até já!
Arteria is a new audio-visual project created by three members based in Porto (Portugal). This collaboration unites each artists expertise in a new-media live performance. The musical component, performed by Naja Atra and Gandhabba, is composed with the use of analogue ad digital devices and is deeply connected to ambient, minimal, industrial and experimental music. The visuals are performed by Chloe.B.Harris with the use of Touchdesigner, a node based visual programming software for real time interactive multimedia content. The piece results to be a voyage through electronic music and sound-reactive video projections with the addition of voice performed by Naja Atra and Chloe over a duration of one hour. Manuel Battista’s (Gandhabba) connection with music began when he learned guitar. In 2005 he started playing DJ sets, and just a few years later his passion for mixing brought him to a higher level and he performed in clubs, open air parties and bigger events such as Ozora festival (Hungary), Esoteric festival (Australia), Boom (Portugal), Shankra (Switzerland), Space Odyssey (Mexico) and WAO (Italy). His sets range from dark Psy-Trance to more groovy psychedelic tunes which are linked by one thing in common: to renovate and improve without rules or limits, no matter the genre. Manuel is also co-founder of Atelier Modular, a learning platform that provides courses in electronic music production. Isidro Lopes (Naja Atra) is a DIY musician active in the underground art scene of Porto, for this reason his sound reflects less conventional musical genres such as EBM, Industrial and Noise, he has made some sporadic appearances in solo and in group projects in more formal venues such as Maus Hábitos (Porto), Desterro (Lisbon), Juno (Braga) and Teatro Sao de Bandeira (Porto). He is currently involved in the production of an independent art studio in Porto which gives space to dissident artists and musical performers and is the co-founder of Marginalia, a sequence of nomadic illegal parties which expand the music scene by introducing new DJ’s and musical performers to the Portuguese city. Chloe B. Harris is an interdisciplinary artist from Italy with English heritage. She graduated in 2017 at the LABA Firenze in visual arts and has recently completed a course in light design in Maia, Porto. Chloe makes use of various mediums to create immersive environments and installation based artwork involving sound, painting, sculpture and new technologies of art. She has developed collaborative projects presented at international light art festivals such as Bellaskyway light art festival in Tórun (Poland) 2019 and Luza festival of lights in Faro (Portugal) 2019. Chloe explores the possibilities created by the interaction between people, mediums and interactive systems DEMO -
MATERIALS We ask the festival to provide us with a video projector and subsequent sockets for the analogue and digital devices that we will use including: Korg Ms20, Pro One, Elektron Digitakt, Doepfer Dark Energy, Virus TI, Akai APC40 and computer with installed software. We will also ask for a screen adequate to the size of the stage and a 2 meters table to set-up our live.
(097) 019-6098
Shamanic Sound Journeys and Healing Yar brings the medicine of the ancient times playing didgeridoo, shamanic drum, jew's harp, overtone flutes, african ngoni, indian pimak, singing bowls and overtone singing, opening the space to support healing, spiritual awakening and the blessings of divine music and frequency. As a Soundhealer, Yar guides and holds ceremonial spaces. Focus in discovering the unique gifts of each human and the evolution of consciousness.
Neuroclay Through his artistic expression, experience and training Yar has developed NeuroClay. A therapy processes inspired and grounded in natures' primary element. Clay being a unique living biomaterial created and accumulated over millions of years. Neuroclay as a healing therapeutic process, is aimed at developing human abilities and maintaining physical and psychological health. This experience works directly with the central nervous system, releasing stress, harmonizing both hemispheres of the brain and creating new neural connections, while having a beneficial influence on all the other systems of the body. The sessions are an infinite and open space for self-exploration and the expression of deep archetypal forms, allowing the hidden to become apparent. Revealing destructive and negative patterns that alchemically transform through molding the form, clay allows creativity and non- standard solutions.
Video contains a glitch (33:53-35:58). Another version (with less precise light plot and no smoke):
Mitämeri - Tales of the Plastic Sea is an adventurous fantasy story and a contemporary performing art piece that reflects on the state of the world's oceans and the use of plastic. The work is a comforting look at the prevailing environmental disaster and the uncertainty of the future. In my opinion, the strength of the show lies in the visually strong stage images, the imaginative use of the material, and the epicness of the soundscape. My goal is to get the individual to think about their own personal relationship with plastic. The work is topical for the nations navigating the waves of climate change. When making the piece, I wanted to focus on the beauty of plastic trash, and use visual harmony and its conflict as the effective means instead of guilt. Plastic can be a horribly destructive, and in this work it appears deceptively beautiful. I have chosen plastic as a material for the show because I noticed that it evokes a wide range of emotions in the audience. I was very interested in these feelings, because from the beginning of the creation my biggest motivator has been people's reactions and what they feel when they watch the show. The story was built around audience feedback, as plastic brings people clear associations with the sea and climate change. The audience's experience from the first demos shaped the show into the story it is now. The existence of plastic causes me mixed feelings: It's beautiful, useful and wonderful, and I wouldn't want to give up its use. However, I recognize that I am in a privileged position. In the long run, the excessive use of plastic without sustainable solutions for its recycling will cause increasing problems, and I will not be among the first to suffer. Mitämeri is a 45-minute piece for blackbox. Its premiere was in Helsinki at Culture center Caisa in June 2022. It uses contemporary circus (acrobatics, neck loop and Cyr wheel) physical theater and neo burlesque as the means of bodily expression.
Instagram: @heddspins, @mitameri
Space: Different sized black boxes and theater stages. Ideal minimum is 6m width x 6m length with minimum of 4 meters of height. Even and smooth floor with dance mat, concrete or wooden surface. Black side and back curtains or walls. Black/dark floor. Rigging: One aerial rigging point to hang 70 kg. No dynamic tricks performed on the point. Various (4-9) rigging points around the space to hang up light plastic sheets (no human weight on these points, purely decorative). Light: Separate lighting plot will be sent upon request Sound: Mixer, amplifier, speakers, subs, audio and schuko cables. Mini jack connection. Set up: IDEAL - Half a day for stage setup - 1 day for sound and light setup (can be done partially at the same time with stage set up) - 1 day for testing and a run through = ~1,5-2 days for setup and run through ! 1 extra day if the artist travels without a technician and needs to run the show through with technicians of the venue! - Venue provides 1-2 technical persons to help with setup OBS! These conditions are negotiable depending on the venue and schedule of the event
Miami, Florida USA
I have been performing live with my self-built custom Eurorack synthesizer as a solo artist for the past decade with 3 performances in 2022, 2018 and 2017 in Berlin, Germany for the Superbooth Synthesizer event. Calin and I have put together some new ideas since I have completed my PhD in music composition from University of London awarded in June 2020.
Eden Grey feat. Zoobtron
I do a performance of tracks I composed with live Eurorack modular synthesis patches, while Calin Fernandez, whose artist name is Zoobtron, does live vocals with my performance, of original material he has written for my tracks.
We will need power outlets for my laptop computer and my synthesizer and a microphone, my connection is two quarter inch outputs from my interface to the sound system.
we are foucreart, and we present a fantastic duo of bearings and fire where we rescue the nordic tradition of Odin's ravens, thought and memory
We need a technical sound and lights Space 5x5m
I gave this workshop at Garbicz and at.tension festivals last summer, at various locations in Berlin throughout the year, and will be doing the hybrid workshop/set format in acud club (Berlin) in the upcoming months. At the end of the previous workshops the dancers always wanted to keep going, and this format provides exactly that: an extensive warm up for the body and soul, and then a set geared towards allowing this special energy to develop. As a DJ (Body Electric), I’ve played at Kater, Bucht, Klunkerkranich, and Aeden. I’m a choreographer and contemporary dancer, and this workshop/mini set format allows me to combine both elements to move people in a different way. Although I’m interested in offering the extended workshop, I could also offer just the first part, a guided workshop. I included a link to the mix i made last year for the workshop so you can get an idea of the music I use, and on my Instagram an idea of my dance energy. Just to be clear, this isn’t a dj request :) the workshop is at the heart of my offering!
technoflow cathartic dance: by body electric
Technoflow cathartic dance: workshop+set, meant to be experienced on good speakers A dance workshop exploring individual and collective flow and the cathartic potential of dancing to electronic music to shed what we don’t need and make space for something new. By examining the different sensations and movement qualities of the body we can tap into different emotions and versions of ourselves - play around, do nothing, go overboard, let go. The 1-1,5 hour workshop builds up gradually to create an environment of trust and care, a safe space for letting go, accompanied by a mix of ambient, minimal house & techno and some trippy surprises. With everybody all warm and gooey, the workshop leads into a 1,5 hour set that gives the dancers the space to spread the playful energy of the workshop further.
Good speakers, mixer with xlr input for my wireless headset mic, and if doing the extended workshop/mini set format, CDJs
Kiryat Tiv'on
Boaz Galili
Dear beautiful people, My name is Boaz Galili. I am a musician, singer-songwriter and composer from Israel. I would love to offer my music and workshops for the line up of this year's festival. I'd like to play solo concerts of original world/spiritual music. I can also come perform with my duo or my band. Further I would love to offer beautiful sound meditation or deep meditative singing workshops (description below). In my concerts and workshops I do Vocals and use instruments such as Lyra, Guitar, Kamanche, Loop Station, Effects and more. My music gives a new expression to ancient cultural landscapes and traditions and is based on years of inner work and musical research. It uniquely interprets a diverse range of musical influences coming from fascinating musical traditions such as Ancient Persian, Turkish, Greek, Balkan, Sufi, Jewish music and more. This fusion of influences creates a thrilling musical texture which holds inside it a unique merging of East and West, ancient and new, deep inspiration and strong subtle expression. Texts, beats, strings, bow and voice unites together in a creation of music that goes straight to the heart and to the soul. An experience that evolves from gentle, touching and meditative sounds into a great feast of joy. My Workshops: Harmonic & Meditative singing: Through deep listening we will go into a meditative journey of ancient sounds and ancient lyrics. Singing and chanting together we will connect to the deeply hidden places within our souls and experience the great bliss of powerful harmonies emerging out of us as a new oasis of creation. Healing Music & Sound Meditation: Laying down with our eyes closed we will allow ourselves to leave everything behind, let go completely and dive deep into ourselves and into a vast ocean of sounds. Listening to soothing sounds of pleasant vocal harmonies and diverse musical instruments we will become more and more present and mindful of our breath and our emotions. Letting the sounds resonate with our being we will relax our body and mind and go into a meditation state allowing deep healing processes to occur within us. Thank you and I hope to meet, become a part and share my music and art at this beautiful festival! Boaz Galili
Sound Amplification, Microphone for vocals, Cables - pl & xlr, Electricity,
Sonia Nawri
Sonia Nawri is an emerging Spanish artist with international projection, possessing a very particular style and an equally remarkable voice. Her sound has been described as "ethereal and abstract" fused with catchy vocal melodies. Her influences are reminiscent of artists such as Florence+the Machine, Aurora, Björk or Cranberries, and since the release of her debut EP "law and chaos" in 2021 her music has not stopped attracting the attention of national and international media. In fact, his song "summer vibes" won an honourable mention in the international songwriting competition in the UK, his associates are The Brit School, the BBC and British industry professionals. In October 2022, their first single in Spanish "conjuro" (spell) was released, produced by the well-known Spanish indie producer Raúl de Lara in Arde el Arte studios, along with a videoclip (produced by Twin Freak Studios) whose short got about 25.000 views on youtube.
sonia_nawri_music (instagram)
I think it would be great if I can send you my technical rider attached :)
+34 678 04 39 73
PALLADIAN is an electronic music duo (not DJs, music producers) born a couple of years back from the fusion of two architecture and visual art enthusiast which wanted to translate different art forms into music. The project already had a decent success on streaming platform as well as in the city of Barcelona where the artist is based, and is now looking to perform live shows to present their upcoming album. The performance includes visuals that are cohesive with the concept of the album and it will be carried out by KANAKA studio.
All equipment is owned by the artist a part from mixer and speakers (and projectors for the visuals)
Sonic Interventions
Sonic Interventions is a young band of transdisciplinary, Diaspora-futuristic musicians based in Berlin playing in formations of 8 to 11 artists. Emerged in 2020 from d.i.y. jam sessions, Sonics is now established as one of the city most acclaimed underground Jazz collectives, and playing at major Jazz and World Music festivals. Known for inclusive open air live spectacles, in which moments of meditation and trance rise into heavy grooves, and traditional rhythms of the African and Latin American continent coalesce with modern urban styles such as Hip Hop, Trap and House, the band brings together poetry inspired of the cosmos, ancient alchemy and world mythologies, with ecstatic dance that captivates music lovers across genres, age or nationality. Approval has so far been expressed from the circles of the US Superband Snarky Puppy as well as the US-ghanaian premier voice of the Jembe Weedie Braimah. While working on the release of multiple Albums and feature remixes of recorded live sessions and concerts for the year 2023, Sonics is currently also preparing a new show that will be presented at this year’s edition of the Berlin XJAZZ Festival alongside other artists such as Roy Ayers and Kokoroko.
Backline: Drumset, nord stage piano, piano stand, bass amp, 2 guitar amps, congas, timbales, 4 vocal mics, 10 monitors
I would love to perform, and usually, people really love the flute - we don't see it that often played live at festivals.
I improvise with the traverse flute on downtempo and ambient tracks. (I can prepare a mixtape in advance instead of dj'ing, as you don't accept any djs). I had in mind to play not on a stage but in a dedicated place where people can sleep and rest ,and where I could move around people with the flute. Here are some examples of flute impro I played at festivals recently: - Downtempo (at Burning Man) : - Darktempo / Ambient: Hope you'll like it!
Just need speakers to put the backing tracks (not that powerful speakers).
+49 178 4515092
Immerse yourself in a captivating musical experience with the live project 'Lâcher-prise' by Athenaïs, where creativity knows no bounds. Combining hypnotic rhythms with exploratory psychedelic sounds, this performance takes the audience on a mind-bending journey. The artist invites the audience to join her on an improvisational adventure, leaving ample room for sonic experimentation, as she blends mysterious and experimental vocalizations with the powerful distortions of her synthesizer. Each performance is a unique and otherworldly experience, an invitation to release your inhibitions and lose yourself in the enchanting soundscape of Athenaïs' mysterious universe.
TECHNICAL RIDER • A&H XONE 92 or Pioneer DJM 800 / 900 NEXUS mixer • 1x Shure SM58 Microphone • 1x Mic Stand with Microphone clip • 1x Keyboard Stand • 2x Cable Jack 1/4 • 1x XLR Cable • 1 x Laptop Stand • 2x Monitors • 1x Double Jack 1/4 Stereo Cable
Los Angeles
We would be so honored and excited to contribute to the musical fabric of Waking Life!
Amyrion & Zoe
Zoe and amyrion are a sonic duo dedicated to emulating the energetic/vibrational arenas of the divine, experiences of personal transformation and elevation encapsulated in a myriad of sound offerings . Soaring, harmonizing dually angelic and shamanic vocals, Crystal Alchemy bowls and penetrating crystalline instrumental textures provide a subtle landscape to be held in and let go into. A meditative, at times ecstatic, reflective sound journey for all seeking an impetus to look within and find meaning beyond what language can provide. Zoe and amyrion, both formally trained musicians, dedicate their craft to service and offering expansion in the art of making music as an instrument for healing
@soundofzoe @moontalkr
5 Inputs
Jessie // Pilar
Moloney // Martin Valverde
+353871891481 // +34639466931
Please see attached in the Video Field a video of us.
Jessie & Pilar
We are two Pole Dancers based in Dublin, Ireland, that would absolutely love to transmit all our love for dancing to all the Waking Life community.
Instagrams: Jessie - @thejessie Pilar - @serenlipia
We would require one Pole. (example: Xpole (brand))