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Sequence NumberProject nameFirst nameLast namePhone numberEmailDate of birthCityCountryWebsiteSocial media pagePlease advise of any technical or power requirementsAny special requests?Reference photoGeneral conceptIf possible, please upload a sketch of your project or idea
Mush room (actual name tbd)
We would need enough power for lights, charging and a heating plate to make some tea. Regarding equipment, we’d need carpeting or a floor for the space and jute to cover the van. Everything else will be brought by us.
Mushroom, massage and healing temple Space: A mushroom themed space with a bell tent joined onto the back of a van, which has a seat leading up to it and a mushroom shrine/library inside. Activities: massage hours, where people can book in to receive a massage for free; scentscapes, where people receive a scent reading from our clairvoyant; a sound bath with massage; a queer/femme massage workshop and circle; a reishi nap session. Outside of the workshops and sessions, people will be able to hang out in the space and learn about mushrooms or do massage. We will be a team of 6, to build the space, do massage, hold the sessions and take care of the space while it is open.
352 233 5910
A shaded space to practice is all that is needed. Classes may venture away as a traveling class.
This is a series of butoh dance theatre classes which will break everybody out of their domesticated body. Much of our body is programmed to move in a certain way not only within society but even within what we feel is dance. In butoh, we enter a nonjudgemental space where we can regain a freely moving body. At the end of the classes, there will be an improvisational performance parade lasting 2 hours or more.
Listening Practice - Workshop
No special tech is required.
The workshop should happen in a rather quiet zone to allow a deeper listening. Some prompts like mattress and cushions are advisable, but not strictly necessary.
This is an invitation to explore Listening as form of attunement to ourselves, to our surroundings, to the environment and to others. In the form of gathering, this workshop is carefully crafted to welcome horizontal, non-hierarchical practices of collective listening driven by the participants and their diversity of backgrounds. We will touch the notions of silence, listening, noise and soundscape from different approaches that include methodologies coming from critical theories. Exploring proprioceptive and somatic listening, during the workshop we’ll practicing sensory awareness and enhance our ability to listen and meet the world and the others. Focusing on the notion of radical care, during the workshop we create and share a tender space where we honor our mutual vulnerability, and weave new ways of supporting each other through listening. The workshop asks: How can we use listening as tool to attune to ourselves, to notice, observe and accept change? How listening can support our individual and collective journeys bringing acceptance, trust, grounding? How do we envision listening as practice of care? All bodies are welcomed. Queers and BiPoC are very encouraged to participate.
Chess Club X Waking Life
no power requirements needed
Hello Vera my name is Francesco, I'm half of Hidden Sounds record shop in London. From may 2021 I've been running a weekly Chess Club in different venues around East London and gathered a great group of chess players and music lovers. We usually I noticed that last year you had a chess area where people can play and I was wondering if you will have it again this year. In case you have not planned it I'm happy to bring my chess boards with me and organise a little area dedicated to chess as I m planning to join the festival this June let me know thanks a lot Francesco
Stamp Camp (curated by Project Indigo)
Karl Primo
No power requirements
We’re a collective and label from zürich, switzerland. We had the idea to set up a camp where we invite people to stamp and paint on canvas/linen cloths. We’ll have different prepared cutout stamps prepared and colors and possibly allow people to carve their own stamp. People can collaborate on a collective piece or work on one independently. At the end of the festival we would like to choose one to use as an artwork for our next various artist compilation “efflorescence” focused on donating proceeds from every sale to reforestation initiatives (stand for trees, REDD+ credits). Please feel free to reach out for any more information :) Thank u and much love, Karl
Wild side photo boot
Power plugs for lights . A little stage Jade from wood that can be decorated. We will bring a lot of decorations but it definitely needs an extra pair of hands to set up.
Those weird sunglasses that nobody needs 🥰
We all love to keep a memory of the best times we had with our loved ones, and the places we treasure. My idea is create a funky photo boot where people can dress up, get silly or just have a beautiful memory of their happiest times. We will provide a camera, a beautifully decorated colourful stage from recicled materials and objects from around the world that ppl can play with. The idea is to get creative. All the photos will be shared only with the ppl who appear in the photo and are theirs to keep. Nothing makes me more happy than to see people at their happiest times.
would need a power source for sewing machine in van. If not possible can do without :)
A space for repurposing broken or unwanted tents into bags and clothing. It would be a shaded area made out of repurposed sails and tents to create a InTent hideout. The shaded area will be connected to my van which will have my sewing machine and tools in. I would like to have a drop off point at the end of the festival - if people don't want to take their tents home or they need repairing they can drop them off to me to be recreated and have a second life. Tent material is such a durable and technical fabric which can live on for hundreds of years to come. The components of the tents not used I will drop off to a small french company that breaks them down and sells them for parts. I would like to put on a workshop but would have to thing of a small project for people to do hand sewing. Maybe a water bottle strap/sling. I will be developing my concept over the next week so will have imagery and sketch soon :)
micro stage open deck
Bruxelles/ Tournai
3 strong accesses 220 v power supply, no more
The project is also open to your propositions, adaptations and requests of course. We can also make a collaboration with another complementary project (drinks proposition, show performance .. )
A full package for a little stage with active compact system , lights, and shadow tent, open to everyone wants to share his or her set/live music. Instruments, singer, usb key s.. are all welcome on the mixer. We manage the inscription, technics and the time table, not all day /night long , just few gigs according to your avalaibilities.
Crafting a Wxtch Treasure with Rosa Ray
The only electrical things involved will be fairy lights, which can be battery powered.
A Wxtch treasure is a magical and versatile object: a visual aid to help you set and manifest intentions. They come in diverse shapes and sizes, ranging from collaged cards bearing inspirational messages, to elaborate hanging mobiles made from dried flowers and enchanted sticks. They can be worn and adorn your body, hung upon a tree*, placed upon your altar, or burnt at midnight while naked beneath a full moon … basically, whatever your heart desires & is fitting for your personal intention! Participants are invited to join Rosa at her Wxtch Crafting table to collaboratively create a personalised Wxtch treasure that'll help them magically manifest their desired intentions. Applying the wisdom from her 13 years of magickal study, Rosa can advise you which direction to take in your crafting activities, but everyone is free to create whatever kind of majestic treasure they wish. And anyone who needs a little inspiration can consult the Wxtchy Wheel of Fortune and other divinatory items to receive guidance on what they wish to manifest. Each intimate crafting session will last approximately 20-30 minutes for 1-2 persons. *Of course, following the principles of ‘leave no trace’, only wxtch treasures made of biodegradable materials such as flowers, sticks, fruits and horsehair are hung outdoors, unless the items were already found on the ground. (So, basically my plan is to set up a craft table, and decorate it with tree branches and a selection of hanging treasures. People can come and sit with me and we will do arts and crafts together, creating a little treasure that they can take with them afterwards. ) You can check out some of my treasures on my website here:
Caçador de histórias / Story hunters
Preciso de gravadores de som – eu tenho dois, mas se conseguirem arranjar/alugar mais ia ter mais impacto. Preciso de eletricidade para ligar o computador e transformar os ficheiros de áudio para um ficheiro contínuo. Preciso de uma coluna para a sessão da noite.
Nunca parem de contar histórias :)
O conceito geral deste campo é levar as pessoas a captarem e irem caçar histórias pelo território do Waking Life. A comunicação permite ter nos um sentido de identidade e partilha. É através da mesma que conseguimos destruir ou unir comunidades. O objetivo deste campo criativo é fazer com que as pessoas vão captar histórias através do gravador. Podem ser autobiografias, podem ser conversas ativas, podem ser captações de conversas de forma passiva, pode ser captações da natureza ou da envolvência. Expressamo-nos fisicamente como caçadores, através de pinturas, camuflagem natural e saímos à caça. No final do dia, reunimo-nos a voltar de uma fogueira e ouvimos as histórias captadas e partilhamos as nossas experiências e criamos novas histórias. Um ciclo sem fim de registos do Waking life.
VADA_ Innertube Upcycling Lab
São Pedro do Corval
A big table, alternatively the floor.
Vada is an innertube upcycling project based in Alentejo, Portugal, focused in reuse the old innertube and tyres for creating bags and other accessories. Of course Vada's aim is not only to run a small sustainable and artisanal brand, this is part of a bigger purpose, including nothing but spreading upcycling's aesthetics and know-how in the way to raise awareness to this pollutant waste, that takes 100 years to disappear, showing how it is possible to work with it, teaching people to do some useful objects with this versatile material. That's why we are happy to organize workshops and activities for realizing a small bag or a small object with reused innertube, also by providing all materials. Vada have already promoted this kind of activities a few times, in other festivals and crafts atelier. Vada has already promoted this kind of activities a few times, in other festivals and crafts atelier, with a very positive feedback from the participants, in a very blessed mood and creative flow, also for children.
RESET Breathwork Journey
+351 913366341
Sound system / a good speaker I can connect to. A safe space for participants to lay down and be coached through an activating breathwork practice.
Our bodies are record keepers of the past. They are warehouses of lived experiences which continue to inform how we are showing up in the present. They are also the key to accessing the deepest levels of bliss. It is through our bodies that we have an opportunity to release the past and embody our fullest potential in the present. I would be honoured to share a session that is both healing and empowering with the community at Waking Life. I propose a 60 minute RESET Breathwork journey and integration circle. The RESET Breathwork method is a guided 3-part active meditation practiced laying on your back, done to a carefully curated playlist. As participants breathe, they will be coached by me for the whole journey, which will be curated around the theme we’re working with. Emotions that have been buried deep will have the opportunity to be safely discharged. I will bring participants into a peak nervous system state and safely integrate the experience. This transformational practice will folks to get out of your own head and into their heart— feeling light, calm, grounded, and blissed out! This is an opportunity to connect with the intelligence that exists within all of us, and shed layers of conditioning that do not serve.
Creative writing & reflection workshop: Which are the limits of our fantasies?
del Muro
We will need: - 2 micros - papers and pens to write
For the intervention during the festival of fantasies we will need a small space that can be fixed and there we want to put a kind of panel where everyone can put their fantasy anonymously and so the rest can read it. Write us back if you have any kind of questions, Hugs
This workshop seeks to generate a space for introspection to investigate and ask ourselves questions about our desires, our fantasies and their limits. We will use creative writing as a tool to discover and communicate. Taking this opportunity that we are in a Festival, a parenthesis in time and space where fantasy and reality touch more than ever in modern life, we want to accompany the participants to explore and deepen the fantasies that each one of us lives. Participants don't need to have experience writing to take part of the workshop, just the desire to re-inhabit and think about their fantasies. In the process, poetry, fiction, collective writing and individual and collective reflection will emerge. (Continue reading the idea in the pdf attached) We (Karen and Alicia) are Pasajero del Muro, a project born in Berlin in 2018 with the idea of foster poetry among the Spanish Speaking Comunnity living in Berlin through montly poetry open-mic, Spanish poetry festival and creative writing workshops, creating an intimate space where everyone can create and share their texts in their own language without feeling judged. Since then we created a community and we love to put people together and connect them with tier self-reflection across writting. So we would love to bring this experience to the festival. The language of the workshop will be english
Create your own Dreamcatcher
Mia Alessa
There's not really any power requirement needed but depending on the time of day it would be nice to have daylight and a big table where the materials can be placed and everyone who is participating finds a seat
Good vibes! :)
My idea is to have little craft workshops where I guide the people through the process of making their own dreamcatcher. Ideally I would love to use materials that the forest provides combined with my assertment of materials that I collected through the years. There is plenty of room to personalize which makes it a very special and uniqe experience. I love how meditative this practice is for me and I hope for the people to connect with the present moment while they're in their own little medidative art zone. But also I just want them to have fun and take a unique piece of art home with them as a rememberance of a wonderful time at waking life. It's also suitable for families that want to do it with their children.
A cosmic dance with the universe
speakers / microphone depending on group size.
no constant, direct sun exposure would be great
I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Filmmaker and Event Facilitator and love love love to bring Kundalini to festivals. It is not the 'typical' form of Yoga, it reaches deep, its sometimes awkward, sometimes challenging, but overall very magical if you let it be. I combine the workshops with passionately curated music, shaking, dancing, and try to pick up on themes that are relevant for the spaces I teach in (also in collaboration with the event). The journey are open to everyone, with or without experience. Besides, I am a organiser of our beloved little island Festival Taka Tuka in Hungary as well as a Kids and Family Festival an hour away from Berlin and am super happy to offer my help in anything related.
Get lust
by Shalor & Fanny
kurtz & austin
+34 603 77 56 23
yes , power for lighting
We are proposing here an immersive art installation : Get Lust is a place to experiment the human primal sensations. We want to create an emphasis on the senses and a broader perspective of erotism. Our intention is to stimulate in a playful and intense way. Lust is about pleasure and seduction, but also about the very earthy aspects of our sensations. Get Lust proposes a collection of lenses for this subject. The decor has a minimalistic aesthetic, with mostly black and red and the structure has ceremonial inspirations. The inside is composed of 6 different stations. Each of them is a scene in itself and provides an immersive experience. Please find the full presentation of the project as a PDF uploaded in reference photo
Merkaba Meditation
Dr. Heike
Schwalbach am Taunus
A projector if applicable, sound system, mic
The Merkaba meditation is an ancient and very advanced meditation technique based on the concept that your energy field is geometric. It translates to Light, Spirit, Body, and is a spiritual vehicle, when activated can cleanse your chakras and will align you to your higher self. In this workshop, you will learn how it works, how to build and activate it through breath and visualisation.
Into the 4th dimension - Sacred Geometry Workshop
Dr. Heike
Schwalbach am Taunus
Tables or flat surfaces/floor to draw on Workshops with max. 30 participants
This Sacred Geometry workshop will take you on a creative exploration of the 4th dimension through drawing compass and ruler, meditation and accelerated learning. Draw the mandala that governs your reality experience and learn how to bring yourself back into your manifestation power by comprehending the underlying geometric blueprint. This workshop is creative, fun, mind-bending and aimed to bring your intuition into a logical framework.
The Blanket Maze
A blanket maze. To witch we still need to figure out if its poaaible due to space, but generally that would be the idea. Something like 30m2 would already suitable to make a nice maze. But lets first see whats possible.
.Mythological stories written in the stars
Guided visit to the sky with the naked eye accompanied. During the night there will be a visit to the sky on the 8th and 9th of June. The space will be near the lake, next to the observatory and there I will tell mythological stories about each constellation that you will be able to see that night. Also marking some nebulae, such as the water nebula, the Orion nebula, the Pleiades...with a green laser tip, thus defining the shape of the constellation. During the 9th and 10th during the day maybe from 15:00 to 18:00 I will be in a vaulted space, like a dome but open at the top near the lake, made with live natural plants, which I will create myself with another person, where I will have the map of the stars and some pictures of Greek and Roman tales and space nebulae and where jewelry is made.
Onaflow Yoga with Sound Healing
set up in a quiet flat space :) mats would be great and simple speaker system to connect phone audio. Thank you!!
Hello dear Vera, I am a yoga teacher and expressive arts therapist. I would love to offer morning and evening yoga classes with sound healing at Waking Life this summer :) I work with various instruments (singing bowls, handpan, chimes) to combine the restorative powers of yoga and sound. My classes are flowy, creative, deep, and aimed at nourishing the soul. I use sound therapy and guided meditation in my classes to support people in entering their own well of inner-freedom where they can connect to their bodies and leave the class feeling more in alignment with themselves and the world around them. I am an experienced teacher and alternative therapist and have supported many retreats and trainings over the years. I imagine teaching a morning wake up flow class and an evening yin class focused on deep relaxation. These classes can be especially attuned to supporting the open and healing festival vibes. I am excited to support the Waking Life community and offer my passion as a way to give back to the space and energy alive this summer. With Gratitude! Helena
Finding Your Inner Dog
Usually I do the workshop around one table - so kind of intimate, and candle lit to make it moody and so people feel relaxed. However, I am super flexible and would enjoy coming up with a different scenario if need be. I provide all materials (paints, pens, etc). I also provide little passport-sized notebooks which everyone gets to keep afterwards so they can take home their little dog friends and feel proud!
“Finding Your Inner Dog” is an intimate workshop designed to guide you to a place of uninhibited joy whilst drawing dogs. Absolutely no drawing experience is necessary and materials will be provided - all you need to bring is a curious nature and an open mind! My Inspriation - Drawing pictures brings me so much pleasure, often taking me to state of mind that I can only describe as meditative. Understanding the barriers that prevent people from putting pen to paper and expressing themselves in this way is what inspired me to create this workshop. I wanted to find a way to bring the mindfulness element of making art to people in a way that feels authentic, playful and un-pretentious. I want to guide them into an uninhibited state where they can access their creativity, making art with unbridled child-like joy and leave them feeling unwound, and with a sense of achievement and personal pride in what they have made. Dogs are the vehicle, but this workshop is really about accessing the childlike part of our mind that doesn't worry about the outcome of what we are drawing. 🐾 🐾 🐾 I've done this workshop once before here in Lisbon, and I was super pleased with the results. People seemed to really connect with it and I got some amazing feedback. I'd love to bring it to Waking Life - I feel like its totally perfect for this!
Mencionado no Pdf anexado.
Thank you :)
O meu nome é Camila. Sou Portuguesa e vivo em Lisboa. Desde sempre tanto no meu caminho profissional como pessoal, estive ligada às artes. Entre outras vertentes, possuo um curso de artes visuais e tenho experiência e formação nas artes performativas. Pelo meu caminho estiveram presentes Artes como Dança, Ginástica Acrobática e Circo. Fui Professora de Acrobacia Aérea de crianças e jovens adultos, numa academia de Novo Circo. Assim como Performer, o qual continuo até hoje. Atuando nos mais diversos eventos, adequando as atividades. AERIALS Neste intuito a minha proposta seria atuar como facilitadora de um Workshop de Acrobacia Aérea (com Tecido Acrobático e Aerial Hoop) para crianças e jovens. Atuando preferencialmente na «Kids Area». O objetivo seria proporcionar a estas crianças um ambiente divertido, lúdico e de prazer ao mesmo tempo sendo um lugar e uma atividade de aprendizagem. Obtendo conhecimento e evolução física e psicológica. O workshop pode ser realizado mais que um dia e tem a duração sensivelmente de uma hora/ uma hora e meia. Condições: Para a realização deste workshop é necessário o fornecimento de um sítio para pendurar os aparelhos (em estrutura ou árvore) á sombra. São necessários também idealmente colchões e almofadas e mantas para proteção do chão na zona dos aparelhos. Em relação a numerário este pode ser acordado com ambas as entidades (a minha parte / evento) ou diretamente com o público. Ou seja, existe um preço estipulado pela minha parte (facilitador) sabido também pelo evento, que é pedido diretamente ao público na hora da realização da atividade. NOTA: Todos estes fatores acima mencionados (condições) são possíveis a ser alteráveis e ajustáveis consoante acordo de ambas as partes. COLOR.YOUR.FACE A Color.Your.Face é um projeto de Pinturas Faciais e Pinturas de Corpo. Tem como objetivo criar uma atmosfera mais divertida, feliz e colorida, nos lugares e nas pessoas. Atuando em vários tipos diferentes de eventos, adaptando ao tema. A proposta da Color.Your.Face consiste em ter uma banca de pinturas faciais onde o publico pode desfrutar do seu tempo a ser pintado e sair com uma pintura facial ou corporal escolhida ou não pelo mesmo. Condições: Para a realização do Projeto Color.Your.Face é necessário o fornecimento de um espaço onde seja possível alocar pelo menos duas cadeiras e uma mesa para realização das pinturas. O material para a «construção» da banca pode ser fornecido pelo evento ou trazido pelo próprio facilitador, consoante acordo. Em relação ao numerário aplica-se o mesmo motivo do acima referido, citando, este pode ser acordado com ambas as entidades (a minha parte / evento) ou diretamente com o público. Ou seja, existe um preço estipulado pela minha parte (facilitador) sabido também pelo evento, que é pedido diretamente ao público na hora da realização da atividade. NOTA: Todos estes fatores acima mencionados (condições) são possíveis a ser alteráveis e ajustáveis consoante acordo de ambas as partes.
Joy yoga
Open heart and mind
Finding joy through yoga We’d begin by workshopping where we believe we can add more joy into our lives Starting with pranayama (breathwork) techniques that work with the joy and happiness meridians (energy channels) then we would flow through a class that encourages you to explore with the movement and break the boundaries of a traditional yoga practice. A class that welcomes all body types and abilities and to reconnect with the inner child as we move and breathe as one in a playful and creative way. A dynamic class that celebrates uniqueness and individuality
blockages removing therapy
treatments: a space to pllace the massage bad, with a curtain. for the option of movement classes: music box a straight floor to move on
would love to get more info about how it works(:
movement therapy