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Shop nameOwner nameTelephone numberEmail addressWebsiteFacebookPlease describe your menu (how big are the portions, prices, type of cuisine, …)Price min (0,00) – Price max (0,00)Company nameVAT number (including country code)Energy: Do you need access to electricity? If yes, how much kW do you need? (1kW = 1000W)Water: Do you need access to running water? Do you have an official trading permit for Portugal? If yes: insertPlease explain us your conceptAddressCountryDid you ever have a shop at another festival before? Additional photo(s) or menu (incl. prices)For non-food shops: tell us a bit more about the products you sell Additional photo(s) or documentsStall set-up: describe the set-up of your stall (structure, materials, …)Additional photo(s) or documentsMeasurements of needed space (length x width)Technical riderSchedule: all opening hours will be informed later on. Meanwhile, we would love to receive your preferred working hoursLicense number of your vehicleAny other information? Staff: how many people will work in total?How much time do you need for setup?Measurements of food stall (length x width)Upload list of all your electric equipment + specify consumption of electricity InstagramWhat suits your food stall ?If so, which ones?How many meals do you serve per day?
Cannabis food - crepes de maria
Cesar Cavaleiro - Paulo dos Santos
Crepes doces e salgadas Sopas , saladas,
Mínimo 5 € - máximo 10€
Loja da Maria
508 294 606
10 000 w
Venda de produtos alimentares com proteínas e óleo de cannabis industrial . Crepes, sopas saladas Novo conceito para promover a cannabis na alimentação
Tenda 3×3 Bancadas e vitrines inox móvel de aguas inox todo o material e lavável e nas normas de higiene.
Durante o dia 10h até 24h
Desculpe não preencher todas as perguntas mas ainda estamos em projecto, vamos começar com a feira da cannabis em Lisboa (canaportugal dia 19 e 20 de maio 2023)
1 dia
Full meal lunch, Full meal dinner, Breakfast, Dessert, Snack, Non-food, Coffee / chai
Nuno Queiroz Ribeiro
Lunch/dinner: Veggie yumi burgers 🍔 9€ Veggie hot dogs 🌭 8€ French fries 🍟 4€ Loaded French fries 🍟 6€ Desserts: Chocolate cake 🎂 3€ Raw vegan cheesecake 😋 4€ Energy bars /balls 2€ Chocolate raw Salami 3€ Drinks: Natural Fresh juices 4€
2€- 9€
Proezaframboesa unipessoal Lda
After the first year in WL, and also after a lot of learning, and a lot of maturing about coming back, I've decided to apply again this year. We've worked really hard, and even after the financial reault wasn't amazing, we really loved the festival, and it's a way to compensate the bad financial result of last year. This year we've decided to present another concept, that is the same that we've done at boom 2022, and obviously we can adapt to your needs. I can do any concept, of any type of food.
I will bring again our food industrial truck, with floor and tents to create ambience and good shadow, so the event participants can have confort when waiting for the food order.
Same has last year. Around 9m-6m plus space for our fridge container.
We would open around 10am and closing again around 3Am. This will depend on where we can be located, and if we have enough people to compensate late closing.we
16 for nowɓ
3 to 4 days, it will depend on the amount of heat.
Chef nunoqueirozribeiro
Full meal lunch, Full meal dinner, Dessert, Snack
We can serve 3000 per day
Peyre Sebastien
We served fresh organic local food , We served pancake ( torta dosa) salted and sweaty The pancake are 40cm diameter and fully by salted and sweet dishes. Price between 4 to 8€ We served also MOMOS ( Nepali ravioli ) 5 pieces for 5€/ 10 pieces for 8€ Soupe for 4€ Dish of the day: between 4 to 7€
Between 4€ to 8€ for food and between 1.5 to 3 euros for drinks
305811185. Code +351
The food trailer have triphasé or monophasé, at list we need 4kw or less because we have machine working on gaz and another by electricity
We have a little food trailer vegans & vegetarian, we served fresh organic local food
Rua Do Rio, 11a 8670-320 ODECEIXE
We have little food truck of 3m long by 1.5 m large , backside we need for the washing dishes and preparation 2 meter more . So total of the stand we can say 4 meter by 4
4 meters by 4 meters
Lunch and diner time , can be night life
2 people
Like we said we have little food trailer , so around 1.5 hours 2 hours we can set the place ,
3 meters by 2 meter
Full meal lunch, Full meal dinner, Coffee / chai, Dessert
Between 200 and 300 . Depend of the event
Pizzata Pirata
Samuele Frateschi
We normally change how big our portion are depending where we are but normallyis enough as a meal for any person.. we can say we are in a range on 5 euros to 10 euros
5,00 - 10,00
Pizzata Pirata
We are an italian couple who travel around europe making pizza with a woodfire oven. We are pirates and we don't use licence but i can promise the best pizza, thiny and crunchy. we normally look for local producer and biologic food, and we are well equip, with inox tables for work in hygene, 6 kg fire extintor for safety and a lot of decoration. We almost not produce trash becouse we use only paper for serve our pizzas. We are not a big food truck and we can make max 200/250 pizzas by day.
2 gazebo 3x3 2Tables 2 fridges 1 woodoven on a trailer
12:00/15:00 - 20:00/3:00
2/3 hours
Full meal lunch, Full meal dinner
Love psycodelic, A-Jam, Bafo festival, wolfmoon festival
Slowing Ethical Closet
Tatiana Terreiro
_ Kimonos _ Shorts _ Pants _ Shirts
from 50€ to 175€
Ethical Closet
Slowing Ethical Closet is a sustainable clothing brand focused on creating hand-printed clothes made from organic textiles such as hemp, banana fibers, or even soya and rose petals! Our products are designed with ancient printing techniques keeping the environment in mind, so we use only the most sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Our clothing and packages are made from renewable, biodegradable materials and have a low environmental impact. By using them, we help reduce the amount of waste that is produced by the fashion industry. In addition to our commitment, we also focus on gender neutrality. We believe that clothing should be inclusive and accessible to everyone, regardless of gender identity. It is designed to be versatile and adaptable, allowing customers to express their unique style and personality.
Rosenstrasse 8
We have been strong in block print shirts. This year we will be betting mostly on hand-printed Kimonos, including chess, shibori, tie-dye, block, and screen printing techniques.
Our stall is also aligned with the festival concept and ours; this means it must be fully integrated into the environment, and we will only use sustainable materials. For instance, our rack clothes are made of wood and bamboo. We also make it look like a Berber stall, with floor mats and cushions where people can just sit to engage and chat a bit about our process and journey.
3 x 2
We are pretty open. We will proceed according to what best fits into the festival. I'm Portuguese, have been there, and I love it at ANY time.
Around 3h
Pride, Naturklang, Heal Play & Love, Züri Fasch, Conscious Celebration. Several markets along the year (Frau Gerold, Marcher Market...)
None... But clothes?! All day/night long! :)
Andre Wakko and Marcela Donato
We are a Fresh Juice Bar, we offer juice mixes such as watermelon cucumber lemonade Ginger Apple Lemonade Matte lemon honey iced tea Orange Juice Fresh Young Coconuts Cups are usually 300ml, so +- 250ml juice plus Ice. At some festivals, we offer the possibility of adding mezcal or prosecco to the drinks too.
4,00 - 10,00
DE 16/249/03972
a JUICE BAR AND GUT HEALING STATION, with a menu, focused on deep hydration & rave rescue, offering mixes and products that can restore and strengthen the gut flora.
Tellstrasse 11 Berlin
In collaboration with gastroenterology experts, we have conceptualized a menu that pairs drinks containing Activated Charcoal, Probiotics, Kombucha and Kefir, Turmeric, and Ginger with ingredients that help to maximize all the health benefits. Our selection also includes hydrating Cucumber, Coconut Water, Orange Juice, and Aloe for guests to enjoy and keep hydrated at all times.
Wood construction with roofing and parachute shades
8m x 6m
From 8 am to 8 pm
3 weeks on site.
Fusion Festival (DE), Garbicz Festival (DE), Subsonic (AU), Feel Festival (DE), Art Lake Festival (DE)
Veggielicious Food & Drinks
Miguel Granja
Menu description: - Confort Food – 500gr portion - 12€ -> a different option a day between seitanballs with pasta (Italian), chickpea&pineapple curry with basmati rice, mushrooms Portuguese style stew and few more ideias. - Veggie Burger (3 versions): on a bun with sauce, salad and mushrooms 8€ - Soup (different every day): 300ml 2,5€ - Overnight Oat (4 recipes): a 330ml bowl 4,5€ - Salad (taboulet, bulgur, quinoa): a plate 5€ - Raw Power Ball (2 flavours): 3x 20gr - 2,5€ - Smoothies (up to 6 recipes): 250ml - 3€ 500ml - 5€ - Coffee, Tea or Ice Tea: 250ml 1€ Portuguese craft Mead – 25cl =2,5€ ( if selling is authorized – alcoholic)
Price min 1,00€ - Price max 12,00€
Miguel Granja Dias
We’re a vegetarian restaurant that presents vegan and raw options. Our base products are fresh locally produced fruit and vegetables and organic certified seeds and powders. Our aim is to provide an unique and special food experience to the visitors of the festival that host us through high quality products that we carefully selected. Focused on sustainability, we work with about 90% non-processed ingredients, we use PLA or paper packing, bamboo cutleries and we collaborate with Straw Patrol to reduce disposables environmental impact. All our organic waste is delivered to Revolução das Minhocas where it is transformed in high quality compost.
We use a foldable tent made of steel, covered with non-flammable tissue. The color is green but we always set up some shades to smooth it out. We also set up a wooden counter, handmade by our team.
5m x 5m
8am to 12pm
up to 5, but depends on the amount of visitors.
6hr to 8hr
4,5 x 3
Full meal lunch, Full meal dinner, Breakfast
2014 - Boom Festival 2015 - Andanças 2016 - FMM, NOS Primavera Sound, Vodafone Paredes de Coura 2017 - Vodafone Paredes de Coura 2018 - Tradidanças, Vodafone Paredes de Coura 2019 - Tradidanças 2022 - Tradidanças, Vodafone Paredes de Coura
600 - 700
Focaccina (Santa Melina)
Alberto Serra
+351 938 291 535
1) CLASSIC FOCACCINA: Inspired by the traditional Ligurian (Genoa) cousine, we developed a vegan version of "focaccina", a handmade, deep fried flat bread made out of flour, potatoes, and rice milk, served with rosemary, and salt. 150g 4€ (Snack) 2) VEGAN FOCACCINA: Focaccina filled with handmade sauces: bitter sweet chili marmalade, vegan basil mayonnaise, peanut sauce, fresh vegetables and soya chunks . 300g 8€ (Meal) 3 FETA FOCACCINA: Focaccina filled with vegan feta (tofu),olive pate', onions, tomatoes and capers. 300g 7€ (Meal) 4) SWEET FOCACCINA: Focaccina filled with Agave syrup, cinnamon and walnuts. 200g 6€ (Dessert) 5) DRY FOCACCINA (middle east style) Handmade focaccina cooked on the pan (not fried option) with: Soya chunks, fried sweet potatoes, muhammara(Syrian sauce of red pepper and walnuts),tabouleh, peanut sauce, vegan feta, onion, carrots and beets 350g 8€ (Meal) 6) PANISSA: Homemade, vegan and gluten free Ligurian recipe.A deep fried speciality made out of chickpeas flour(cooked like polenta and then fried),crispy on the outside and tender in the inside, served with rosemary and vegan basil mayonnaise. 200g 4€ (Snack) 7) GINGER LEMONADE: To quench the thirst of our customer, we optionally offer our house made and refreshing ice tea brewed from bergamot tea, fresh mint and squeezed lemon juice. 300ml 2€ (Beverages) Please find photos of our products in our website:
4€ - 8€
Alberto Serra
Santa Melina is a collective of nomad friends that have met in the fields around Europe during seasonal agricultural work, currently living in Algarve (PT). Santa Melina was born out of the necessity to go back to the roots and the awareness of this being the only direction possible against the industrial military complex matrix, exploitation of the human, and an attempt to escape from the dystopic reality that our civilization is heading. We share the same passion for agricolture and gastronomy and we visualize us working one day on our own land for our own biological products. Our intention is to buy land in south Alentejo(PT) and build up our own agricoltural village completely off grid. Having all of us a professional backround and a lot of experience in gastronomy, we decided to continue wandering around Europe but this time with our food stand of Ligurian(IT) fried specialities (Focaccia-Panissa). Fried food equals a lot of wasted oil that we recycle all into biodiesel, to fuel our truck around Europe, trying not to finance the oil industry with our work. We serve exclusively vegan food because we dream of a world with no animal exploitation, and our way to promote veganism is just serve extremely tasty and unique food. Our recipes and our collective's name "Santa Melina" come from Liguria(IT), motherland of two of us and of Melina Riccio, a woman that years ago has left behind her middle-class comodities to become a vagabond around Italy and promote messages of love, ecology and peace through street art. Considered completely insane from the general public, she is a friend of ours and a source of inspiration and passion for what we are doing. We only work in festivals that we would go ourselves as visitors, where we can blend with the energy of the people around us.
Our stand is a handmade costumized modular structure made entirely of wood with little metal parts and is built very easily on site. Our empty truck then turns into our storage. The main body once built has a front length of 5m .On the front we have plants and incorporated to the stand where the distribution and till point are.Behind the (5x4) wooden structure we have a 4x4 tent pavillon(metal, pvc) extension.Behind we have parked 2 trucks, one is for resting and one as storage and oil filtering deposit for our biodiesel.The kitchen mainly has a fridge,2 fryer machines(one gas, one electric),4 stoves on gas and a dough mixing machine(more details in the project sketch design jpg).
15m length x 5m width
9am - 3 am
2 days
5m length x 5m width
Full meal lunch, Full meal dinner, Dessert
00 - 700 (14 hour opened to the public - 1 fryer)
Sofia Ribeiro
Wrap - 22 cm tortilla, 400g full size summer light meal Taco - 2x 10 cm tortilla, equivalent Rice bowls - 500g
Wrap, Tacos 6-8 klg . Desserts, Snacks 4-5 klg. Chai, Virgin Mojitos 3-4 klg
World Fusion
4 kW
World Fusion wraps in together an healthy street food approach with recipes that mix oriental, latin and around the world influences. We offer delicious fresh vegan food that doesn't lack on crunch, and we are famous for our house sauces. Committed to value local and season ingredients in the menu, we offer wraps, tacos, rice bowls, apéros, desserts and frozen chai and other drinks.
Qta Enterranha, 101 3560-400 Romãs, Viseu
Food truck open full side Narrow wooden bar in front where orders are placed and we serve the drinks Shade tent behind the truck, for wash station, storage and extra fridge
Preferentially 10 am to 4 am
We really enjoyed the festival last year and it was a pleasure to work with your team. Very good spot, conditions, communication and ambience. Thank you PS. The form doesn't allow more pictures to be added in the first two windows, so they came in the last one.
Between 3 and 4 hours
Full meal lunch, Full meal dinner, Breakfast, Coffee / chai, Dessert, Snack
WakingLife 2022, AfroNation, RollingLoud, FMMSines, FATT, BonsSons, ForaDoTempo, etc.
Happy Feet
Jelena De Spain
+351 960 276 274
20 minute neck & back massage on professional massage chairs: 20€ 20 minute foot massage on a comfy armchair: 20€ *Limit 20 minutes per person if there are people waiting
Savage Journey - Unipessoal LTD
515053422 (Portugal)
I already did this application more than a week ago but when I completed it, it just said processing and looking like frozen. I did not receive any email acknowledging my application, so I am submitting it we go: "Imagine you have been dancing for hours, no shoes, no worries. But now your feet are killing you, and you could really use some rejuvenation before hopping back on that dancefloor. Or maybe your back is hurting from well...everything haha, wouldn't you enjoy a relaxing neck and back massage in the surroundings of the beautiful nature of Waking Life? Ideally this rejuvenating massage spot would be somewhere near one of the stages, so that the customers can still hear some music and not have to go too far from the stages to get to the massage area. Perhaps somewhere near the Cochilo. Not too near to the stage of course, but just close enough that the people getting massages are not separated from the music and nature. We want them to enjoy all senses possible, like viewing the nature of Waking Life, listening to the music of one of the stages (even if not so loud but possible to hear), enjoying the smells of coconut oil used for massages, and of course the sense of rejuvenating touch done by our professional massuses. It is a perfect treat for a tired body and achy feet. Maybe you would like it on your way back to the camp so you can rest even better, or maybe you just use it to rejuvenate yourself and get back on the dancefloor. The choice is yours, and we are glad to help you feel the best that you can at this wonderful festival."
Calcada de Arroios 36, 4 esq, Lisbon
Neck and back massages on professional massage chairs and foot massages in comfortable armchairs. If possible to have water access that would be perfect so our massuses can wash the feet of the clients before massaging. Also, as we plan to only provide this service in the day time, if we have water access maybe we can have water misters to help cool down our staff and customers during the hot days.
Center has a carpet, sides of the area have poles that have flowy curtains hanging and blowing in the breeze, however not closed in, so that the clients can still view the nature of Waking Life while getting a massage. There will be probably 2 professional massage chairs for the neck and back massage and 2 comfy armchairs with ottomans for the foot massages. Coconut oil and other essential oils may be used for massage and/or ambiance enhancement. A few decorations as well to enhance the whole experience.
5m x 5m (or possibly smaller, like 4m x 4m may be enough
9am - 9pm
If 4 massuses and 4 chairs seems too much, we can reduce to 2 and have just one of each with 2 massuses as staff + the host/money handling person. In which case the area can be even smaller, but if possible it is important that it be near to where the people can still hear some music so that they are not taken out of the Waking Life experience nor have to walk too far to get to have a massage. I have told about this idea to many of my friends who attend Waking Life and they all thought it was an amazing idea and said that they would use it. I personally would love to have a massage every day of Waking Life! Please consider my proposal. Thank you
5 (4 massuses) and 1 welcome person/host who will also handle the payments
one morning or afternoon
let's say 4m x 4m
I have a company that has several activities already, I can check if I have the one for trading, and if I don't I can always ask to add it. I may already have one for sales and services, not sure if that's the same.
staff meals only
Tanta Pasta
Diego Fanelli
+34 684061933
Great Fusilli fresh sauté with artesanal home made sauces. Served with abundant parmesan cheese. Sauces can be vegan or vegetarian. A portion is suitable for an adult meal. Best balance quantity/quality/price. Plates are from 7 to 9. An extra large portion can be served with a little ammont of extra money.
7 to 9
Tanta Pasta
Since 2009 we worked in many festival arround the world, expecially serving food. Pasta is a great option and that's what we are specialized in! Here below some details of our project and values: PRODUCT: Good quality pasta freshly sauté with our best home made sauces and served with a nice amount of grated cheese. We like to open our space to every taste so we make vegan and vegetarian. We are working about a Gluten Free Pasta option if is needed. EXPERIENCE: We work in festivals since 2009 with different projects, food is our best offer! We exactly know the importance to have a great food experience during a festival, so everybody can enjoy, dance and work with all the energy is needed! Full Power. With our experience we learned how to make a faster system, so to reduce the waiting line. No pre-order and always fresh sauté pasta. WORK: To serve good food is important to have a healthy work space. We do all the best to create a calm and festive place. So we enjoy the work and the clients delight their staying! As we are all workers, is important for us to value the labor as mach as possible, we are against underpaid systems! RESPECT: Respect, respect, respect! Basic for us to respect all kind of gender, age, race and living being! SUSTAINIBILITY: We work to make every detail as much sustainable as possible. We like to leave no trace! We use compostable plates and cutlery. Part of our income gonna be donated to projects that help to protect the environment of our planet.
Passeig R. Martinez Valls, 22 08348 Cabrils
We use a fire resistent structure. All the surfaces are in Inox steel and easy to wash and keep it clean. Floor is flat and covered with linolium.
6x 16
We can serve food 24h if is neeeded. Our main serving time is lunch and dinner.
Thanks for reading. Have a great festival production! Enjoy life. Diego
15 to 20
1 day
Full meal lunch, Full meal dinner
Hadra, Boom, Fusion, Ozora, Shankra, Own Spirit, Eclipse...
up to 3000
Simone servodidio
We sell the original PINSA typical pizza from rome(48h doll fermentation), we sell full pizza or slices, and we also have a nutella pizza on the menu! As drink we would like to sell fresh juices (smooties) maked with fresh fruit and guarnish. We also have another amazing summer product wich is a cold coffe cream.
From 3 euro to 15
Little christmas fairs
Rua mestre salvador catita 3 2825-403
It's a stand made with fake grass showing the pizzas to guaranty the client to eat what he think!
We would like to be open from 10am to 3 am
Pizza owen 3.5 kw fridge 0.5kw coffe cream machine 80w
3 or 4,
Full meal lunch, Full meal dinner, Coffee / chai
500 or more
José Cardoso
The empanadas are around 220gr each, constituting one portion by itself, and come with a special sauce on the side, and the price is Eur7,50 each. The arepas have a weight of between 180gr to 200gr each. It can be considered a snack or a meal if you add a soup to your menu. Arepas cost Eur5,50 each. Soups: 250ml, From Eur2,50 to Eur3,50 deppending on the soup. Sweets: From Eur2,00 to Eur3,50, deppending on the sweet. Our products are all handmade, Venezuelan technique
Min price: Eur2,00, Max price: Eur7,50
José Aurélio Tenreiro Cardoso
Total 19.9kW (But most of the time, we will not have all the equipments working simultaneously)
We work as a inclusive food foodtruck. 100% gluten-free, lots of lactose-free options, and try to have meals for everyone, taking in account each one's options or restrictions. Our main products are EMPANADAS and AREPAS, Venezuelan style, but with original fillings. We also have nice soups and sweets.
Foodtruck (6x2m), plus additional tent (6x3m) all equiped with inox tables, and equipment according to HACCP regulations.
8m X 7m (with space around the food stall)
8h - 3h
Two days
6m X 5m
Full meal lunch, Full meal dinner, Breakfast, Coffee / chai, Dessert, Snack
Waking Life 22' Basilar Festival (22') And much more places (not necessarily festivals), since we don't have a fixed location and only work in events. (Music events, sports, streetfood events, etc)
We have the capacity to serve 500 meals per day (just counting lunch and dinner peaks), or even more
Táxi Arronches
António Moreira
+351 918217523
Taxi services
Depending on kilometers requested services
Táxi Arronches
-Transportation of people to, and from the festival . -30 years of experience on Táxi services in Lisbon -Recent vehicle Mercedes - 6 years in Arronches/Portalegre - Speaking: English France Italiano Castellano Portuguese -Possibility of arranging other Táxi in Lisbon and on the area of Portalegre for immediately responses
Largo Serpa Pinto
Taxi services
Recente vehicle's
Open 24 hours
Possibility to arrange 7 seats Táxi also
Always ready
Last year I was contacted by the organization to make my Táxi services available to the festival, which happened and it went very well for the clients and for my business, so I decided to make my services available again to the festival
Miguel Granja
- Confort Food – 500gr portion - 10€ -> a different option a day between seitanballs with pasta (Italian), chickpea&pineapple curry with basmati rice, mushrooms Portuguese style stew and few more ideias. - Smoothies (up to 6 recipes): 250ml - 2,5€ 500ml - 4€ - Soup (different every day): 300ml 2€ - Coffee, Tea or Ice Tea: 250ml 1€ - Overnight Oat (4 recipes): a 330ml bowl 4€ - Veggie Burger (4 versions): on a bun with sauce, salad and mushrooms 6€ - Salad (taboulet, bulgur, quinoa): a plate 4€ - Raw Power Ball (2 flavours): 3x 20gr - 2,5€ Portuguese craft Mead – 25cl =2€ ( if selling is authorized – alcoholic) Price min 1,00€ - Price max 10,00€
Miguel Granja Dias
6 kWh
We’re a vegetarian restaurant that presents vegan and raw options. Our base products are fresh locally produced fruit and vegetables and organic certified seeds and powders. Our aim is to provide an unique and special food experience to the visitors of the festival that host us through high quality products that we carefully selected. Focused on sustainability, we work with about 90% non-processed ingredients, we use PLA or paper packing, bamboo cutleries and we collaborate with Straw Patrol to reduce disposables environmental impact. All our organic waste is delivered to Revolução das Minhocas where it is transformed in high quality compost.
We use a foldable tent made of steel, covered with non-flammable tissue. The color is green but we always set up some shades to smooth it out. We also set up a wooden counter, handmade by our team.
5m x 5m
8am - 12pm
up to 5, but depends on the amount of visitors.
6 to 8 hours.
4,5m x 3m
Full meal lunch
2014 – BOOM Festival 2015 – Andanças 2016 – NOS Primavera Sound, CidadeMais, FMM Sines e Vodafone Paredes de Coura 2017 – CidadeMais e Vodafone Paredes de Coura 2018 – Tradidanças, CidadeMais e Vodafone Paredes de Coura 2019 – CidadeMais, Tradidanças 2022 - Tradidanças, Vodafone Paredes de Coura
up to 600/700
B Food
Danielle Rabello
00351 933 713 512
* Quesadillas vegetarianas com diferentes sabores e bastante legume, avocado, e salada, tomate, pepino, milho... Tamanho, entre 200 e 250 gr. Valor estimado no momento entre 7€ e 7.5€ uma bela refeição *Espetada de queijo grelhado com mel ou geléia, acompanhados tambem de salada, tomate, pepino, milho.... Tamanho, entre 130 e 160 gr. Valor estimado no momento entre 5€ e 5.5€ *Bolinhas fritas de queijo (7 unidades de 30 gr) com ervas, servidas num pote, salada, tomate, pepino, milho.... Valor estimado no momento entre 5€ e 5.5€ molhos para os snacks, milho, avocado e pikante, todos receitas própias.
Minimo 5€ e máximo 7.5€
B Food
CAE 47890, CAE 56107, CAE 56304
maximo 4KW
Bom dia, Me chamo Danielle sou iniciante no ramo de food truck e festivais, mas tenho mais de 25 anos no experiência de cozinha francesa na Bélgica, comecei agora com a minha pequena carrinha que ainda esta em construçao, 2x2 m, ficara pronta final de março, e assim gostaria muito de ter a possibilidade de participar do vosso Festival. Tenho varias idéias de refeiçoes e petiscos veggie e vegan (filhas em casa vegetarianas). Tenho muitas fotos de refeições que ja fiz, não vegetarianas e vegetarianas, sempre trabalhei em restaurantes e sempre aceitei os desafios, agora tomei a decisão de mudar de ramo e criei coragem para vos escrever esse email. Peço por favor uma chance para poder começar e mostrar o meu trabalho que será feito com amor e dedicação como sempre o fiz. Agradeço desde já. Muito Obrigada Danielle Rabello
Rua Manuel Sa , Vale de Santarém
Roulote de 2m x 2m, não grande mais muito funcional, preta com o logotipo azul, em aluminio, maximo 300kg. Reservatório de 20litros de agua e eletricidade Tipo 3- 32A Mas para trabalhar precisarei de no minimo um lugar de 5m x 5m.
5mx5m no maximo
Trabalho o tempo que for necessario Mas de preferência a partir das 11.30hs da manhã
*Roulote em construção, entrega prevista para final de março, caso necessario poderei enviar o desenho da própria. *Homologação europeia 4051 para venda ambulante. *Instalação elétrica com certificado energético. *Certificado sanitário europeu *Licença de circulação e ficha técnica *Canalização de água limpa e suja *Exaustor *Saida de fumos *Piso antiderrapante *Pia e torneira *HACCP *ASAE *Fritadeira, placa para grelhar, frigorifico e congelador serão os equipamentos utilizados (necessários) *Fotos dos pratos poderei enviar por email, serão fotos do que já fiz , assim como fotos ilustrativas retiradas da internet para mostrar um pouco do que farei. *Foto do nosso logo tambem poderei enviar se necessario Agradeço desde ja, Muito obrigada Danielle Rabello
Acredito eu que entre 4 a 5 hs tudo estará em ordem
2mx2m sem o calcanhar de pista em construção
Espero vender no minimo 500 snacks ao dia
Amida / Ícara
Rodrigo Moral Bravo
In the Greek, the flavour some dishes are made with fresh and organic ingredients. The Japanese menu is focused around Noodles-based dishes accompanied by local and organic ingredients. Our collaboration with local and eco-friendly providers allows us to be fully equipped with fresh and organic products.
Between 6 / 9 €
la Roulante S.C.
ES J22427918
12Kw - 14Kw
We are La Roulante, a multidisciplinary and diverse project, like the people who make it up. Together we have extensive work experience in the world of culture and gastronomy, bio-construction, art and sustainability. Today we are pleased to introduce you to our roaming food stalls, Amida specializing in Japanese noodles and Icara selling classic Greek Gyros. Our priority is caring for people and the environment. We worry about the well-being of our members and collaborators, the structures in which we work are made with care and we choose the ingredients with an eye on flavor and health, lovingly involving ourselves in each step of the process, from the stove to the consumer. We look for local and typical ingredients from each place we visit, varying and adapting our recipes to the possibilities of the moment without losing quality. As part of our concern for the environment, recycling and reuse are central points in our project and we work every day to be a little more sustainable. We hope to be part of this festival in order to offer you the best of La Roulante. We are available to answer any questions you may have regarding our service. Thank you for your time. An affectionate greeting from the entire La Roulante team.
C/ Ensanche Nº6 - Tierz, 22192, Huesca
La Roulante is a strong supporter of Bio Construction and all the wooden structures intended for the festival are handmade by the group's members. There are currently in place two Geodesic Domes connected by one and other by a Japanese structure. Each structure posses a unique design, especially adapted to the type of food that will be served: The Pizza Dome is a V3 type made with recycled wood and covered in warm, natural colors. The second wooden dome will focus on delivering appetizing Greek food. The structure itself has a rougher appearance than the Pizza Dome, furnished with lots of windows and finished with white and blue tones.
8m - 10m
12:00 to 16:00 - 20:00 to 02:00
Between 15 - 25
3 / 4 days
4m - 10m
Full meal lunch, Full meal dinner
Amida and Ícara
500 - 1000
M'arrecreo Pizzeria
Pedro Azevedo
Our menu includes: - Starters: Cuoppo napoletano (arancini, croqueta, fritattina) Main course: - 5 different pizzas cooked on the wood oven (all vegetarian) - 1 fried pizza; Desert - Panna cotta - Babá The prices go from 6,00€ to 12,00€, depending on the product.. (This only could be decided closer to the event date due to food costs)
6,00€ minimum - 12,00€ maximum
Pizza Nomads Lda.
M'arrecreo pizza truck it's a pizzeria on wheels that offers the best authentic Neapolitan style pizza, with total mobility able to deliver our product in many different places. We would like to be present in several music festivals, offering the Vera Pizza Napoletana the same way as you can find in Naples. Also, we will offer other specialties, as well as Arancini, pizza fritta, babá, etc.. With M'arrecreo pizza truck, you can travel to Naples wherever you are.
It's a truck as you can see in the sent pictures. In additional we can setup sittings around the truck area.
length 8m - 2,5m width
Preferable from 10am to 2am.
10 pax. minimum
In one day we can setup the whole structure.
Full meal lunch, Full meal dinner, Breakfast, Snack, Dessert
Our capacity is around 50 pizzas per hour, so it depends on how many hours we can be serving.
Eugenio Giovanni Carbone
Pastabrothers produces fresh pasta made at the moment, with a mixture of organic wheat flour and durum wheat semolina. We offer the option of 4 different pasta shapes(130/140 gr) that customers can combine on the spot with 4 different sauces, all vegan and/or vegetarian. ( portion price 8/9€)We make the sauces with fresh seasonal products found in the area, at km0. We only supply biodegradable and ecological cutlery.
2.5 kw
PastaBrothers was born from a group of expert cooks specialized in traditional Italian cuisine. We have created an itinerant restaurant in which we offer Fresh Pasta freshly prepared, maintaining the highest quality and preserving the tradition of true Italian Fresh Pasta. We offer 4 different shapes of pasta, to be combined with sauces and sauces, all strictly vegan and/or vegetarian. Our goal is to bring the experience of traditional Italian cuisine wherever possible, guaranteeing professionalism, speed and authenticity. We only use BIO products and eco-sustainable materials.
2or 4 gazeeboo and bamboo front
Front stal 8m Depth stal 4m the possibility to put the storage teuck back the stal 7×2,5
16/18h From 10 am to 4 am
Eh 243 bh and 1 more
We have partecipate at the previose edition 2022.
Front stal 8m Depth stal 4m the possibility to put the storage teuck back the stal 7×2,5
Full meal lunch, Full meal dinner
7 chakras festival Iboga festival Fora do tempo festival WAKING LIFE festival ( previous editios)
The Bagel Spot
Susana Matias
+351 917504479
Veggie Burger, crips included Savoury and sweet bagels for dessert/snacks. Homemade limonade and homemade IceTea
5€ for sweets, 14€ for savouries.
Lacrau do MAR, Lda
32A monofasic
We started 2years ago and we look forward Events with public who knows what a Bagel is and have healthy food consciousness . We believe your Event matches our needs. Almost our recipes are veggie or vegan, except the salmon one. We use sweet potatoes crips to complemet the meal and some months ago we introduced a veggie Burger that is making a huge success where ever we go.
R Antonio Nobre 221 cascais
I have a foodtruck 2,50 front, 2,20 width
4m - 3m
12:00AM - 12PM
We only use sustainable one-use products, healthy recipes and organic ingredients as possible.
1 or 2 before the event.
Full meal lunch, Full meal dinner, Dessert
Primavera Soun, Rolling Loud, Afro Nation, Web Summit, Open Estoril 22
Bomba A-Tonica by Buenos Aires Gin
Agustin Garcia
+34 646514690
There is only one product, the gin and tonic served in either branded reusable cups made out of recycled materials or disposable cups made out of recycled materials. Additionally, there will be various combinations of garnish for people to choose from.
7 - 12 eurs
Buenos Aires Gin
0.267 (230V, 50hz, 267W, 1.16A)
In Short: Top Shelf Gin and Tonic on Tap The Story: Buenos Aires Gin was born in 2018 as you might expect in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The brothers Bruno and Franco Moretti started distilling their own gin by testing thousands of different botanical combinations. They finally arrived at the right one, which became the gin we know today, a London Dry Gin with a mix of 7 different botanicals. With the perfect top shelf gin, they decided that they needed to pair it with a tonic water made especially for their spirit....4.5 bar Tonica was born. The brothers didn’t stop there, they wanted to take their product to the next level with an offering that was not yet on the market. So, they developed the right mix of their gin and tonic ready to serve on draft. They were the first ones IN THE WORLD to develop this technology, and it was such a success that in only 2 years there are over 50 brands that have replicated their idea in Argentina. Agustin, an Argentine living in Valencia Spain for the past 5 years is the newest business partner of the gin brothers. He has recently launched the product line in Spain making it the first gin and tonic on tap in Europe. We want to share this innovation with the Waking Life Community. The high-quality product that only requires a small little machine leaves room for the imagination to explore with tens of garnish combinations. Not only that, the gin on draft is a highly sustainable product. By pre-mixing the product in a barrel, 120 bottles of tonic and 10 bottles of gin are saved. Additionally, the only water used goes into the product, there is no overuse or runoff for cleaning. Our love for the product is great, and we hope that the Waking Life Community will feel the same!
Marino albesa 45, puerta 8, Valencia 46022
Classic London Dry Gin with a mix of 7 botanicals special to Gin Buenos Aires, pre-mixed in a keg with 4.5 bar tonic water made with natural extracts sources from local producers in Spain. While we do not need connection to water, we do need access to ice. Alternatively, we can bring a supply if there is a place to store it in larger quantities.
The stall will be made out of recycled wood sourced locally from Portugal near Lisbon. We would like to have a rolling stand so that it can be in different places. As the machine is small it does not require much space. However, if rolling is not possible, something similar to the piña colada stand last year near the food court.
160cmx60cm max
we are super flexible but we think it could be great from 4pm to 4am
We hope to contribute to the community!
1 hour maximum as we would bring it pre-made.
160cmx60cm max
Gin Tonic Festival in Buenos Aires Gin Golf Feria Masticar
Earth Love Juice Bar
Shlomo Cohen
Smoothies/ Juices : 360 ML. - 5.00€ Orange Juice : 360ML : 3.50€ Breakfast bowls : 400g : 7€ Waffles : 200g : 3.50€ Ginger shot : 1.50€ Cacao : 250 MLl : 3.50€ All our menu is vegan, we work with fresh products, superfoods and as much as possible local and organic.
1,50 - 7 €
Grupo m3
Earth Love Juice Bar is a vegan project with the mission of keeping festival goers, healthy, refreshed, and happy. We are offering smoothies, fresh pressed juices, as well as ginger shots, superfood cacao drink, and breakfast bowl. For us, keeping a healthy body and mind is a key to a good festival experience. So we like to work with fresh, local ingredients and as much as possible organic. We also like to bring in superfoods for extra high vibe properties.
Market stand white tent Front : Wood and Bamboo : Frame, Sign, Menu, Bar and side counters, made mostly from recycled Materials, from pallets or other recycled wood.
6m x 11m
8am - 1am
2 days
6m x 8m // Possibility to work with a smaller tent : 6x4 meters
Coffee / chai, Snack
Boom Festival (Year 2022) Zna Gathering (Years 2017, 2019, 2022) Pacha Mama Festival (Years 2017, 2018, 2019) Freedom Festival (Year 2019) Chateau Perché (Year 2019) Agni Spirit Festival (Year 2019) Hueznar Festival (Year 2019) Freqs of Nature (Year 2018) Wald Healing (Year 2018) Bachblyten Festival (Year 2018) Flow Festival (Year 2017) Tree of Life Festival (Year 2017)
From 800 to 1300 drinks / day
shambhala, italian vegan food and more
GIUSI tavilla
MENU BEVERAGES Vegan chai with rice milk 250 ml 2,50 lemon slushie 250 ml 2,00 water melon slushie 250 ml 2,00 DISHES spaghetti all´arrabbiata 7,00 spaghetti alla carbonara vegana (vegan carbonara) 8,00 beans and cheackpeas salad, with green salad 6,00 rice with mexican chilly 8,00 rice with indian curry 8,00 mixed plate 1: rice, curry or chilly, beans salad, mixed salad 9,50 mixed plate 1: rspaghetti, beans salad, mixed salad 9,50 SWEETS AND BREAKFAST vegan cheesecake 4,00 dark chocolate truffles 2,00
sweets: 2 euro /4 euro dishes 6 euro / 9,50
Shambhala is the perfect choice for people who care about the quality of the food they are eating. Our italian kitchen crew will be happy to cook for you several kind of spaghetti but also some tasty options from abroad. At Shambhala you will find healthy and tasty vegan foods, sevral gluten free options, drinks, and seper gnummy sweets. Everything served with love in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. If you are very hungry, you can bet we are also your best choice. we are famous for our big portions! We also promotes sustainables lifestyles being everyday more aware of the ecological, energetical, social and emotional cost of what we consume. That´s why we do our best to offer products wich are organic, bought directly from the producer, of high nutritional and curative value.
Via Baronci 7, Montopoli in val d´arno, pisa
event gazebo covered with red and natural colour youta, bambu poles fabric and bambu decorations
8 am to 5 am , or more if needed
around 9 not sure yet
around 3 days
Full meal lunch
2021: - Waking life festival, Portugal - Shankara festival, Switzerland - Boom festival, Portugal - European juggling convention , Madrid - Zna Festival, Portugal 2019: - Burning mountain festival, Switzerland - Shankara Festival; Switzerland - Freedom Festival, Portugal - Waking Life, Portugal - Zna festival, Portugal 2018: - Lost theory festival, Spain - European juggling convention , Azzorres - Waking life, Portugal 2017: - Summernever ends, Switzerland - Human Evolution, Italy 2016: - Boom festival, Portugal - Bababoom festival, Italy 2015: - Summer never ends, Switzerland - Bababoom Festival, Italy - Pamali Festival, Italy - Ragga Piave festival, Italy 2014: - Boom Festival, Portugal - Blackmoon festival, Italy - Bio vegan fest, Italy 2013: - European juglling convention, France - Indian spirit festival, Germany - Zürich fest, Switzerland
At our biggest festivals we got untill around 1500 per day
Breakfast Van
Ricardo Cidade Gomes
Espresso 2€ Latte 280ml 5€ Ice latte 280ml 5€ Flat white 250ml 5€ Cold brew 200ml 4€ 100g banana bread 5€ 200g overnight oats 5€ 300ml milkshakes 6€ 300ml fruit juice 5€ 100g (2ovos M) Scramble eggs 6€ Croissants 80gr 3€
2€ - 6€
Mare de Sonho, lda
We provide veggie breakfast meals, energy snacks, coffee, oat latte and drinks
Rua das Oliveiras 110 Porto
Van + counter with chill out zone, upcycling solutions
8m x 5m
8:00 to 14:00
We draw this menu based on user experience, from previous years at waking life, thinking about providing a complete meal in the same spot. We want to reach out, and get your feedback with more info. How many entrances will be available this year? How does it work, is there a entry fee, commission over sales? Hope to ear from you soon, Ricardo
4 to 6
1,5 week
4,8 m x 4,4 m
Breakfast, Coffee / chai, Snack
Primavera Sound
800 to 1000
Rita Pacheco
Lunch or dinner Menu: Natural juice o tea + main dish / Main dish + dessert / Natural juice/tea + main dish + dessert Breakfast /Snacks: Energy balls, desserts/cakes, wraps, porridge, beverage, smoothies, natural juices, homemade ice cream, toasts. Prices actually will depend on the festival fee but we always aim for a fair value. The portions should be just enough to satisfy. We try to have no waste. The type of cuisine is free, inspired by the season ingredients available and the energy of the festival.
The prices can go from 2€ for a small snack like an energy ball to 12,50€ for a full menu.
Can´t answer yet. We will need a fridge, a oven, highspeed blender, toaster, griller..
Vegan healthy delicious homemade food for all. Organic and local if possible. Always sugar free and wheat free. Many gluten free options.
Rua Casa do Casal
We actually don't have yet any struture so i don't have a correct answer. If we are accpted we will start the process of oganizing this service.
Again i have no idea yet but not less than 3m x 3m
The timing depends on the time table of the festival.
I don't have a vehicle but maybe would be easier to rent one.
It is our first experience in a festival. We don't have much experience in this specific situation but we do have experience in big and small catering, wokshops, courses, retreats, trainings.
There should be 5/6 of us not all working at the same time.
Probably at least 24h.
Again not sure yet but would say around 3mx3m
Full meal dinner, Full meal lunch, Dessert, Snack, Breakfast, Coffee / chai