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Waking Life is a midsummer gathering celebrating human imagination and weird flavours of life. It is a year-round participatory playspace set in a living garden for emergent countercultures, boundary dissolving encounters and restorative practices

We are an ephemeral, tensional community of young and aging ravers who are looking to compost the lineage of festival culture into new worlds of the imagined impossible. On the admin side of things, Waking Life is a not-for-profit association registered in Portugal, largely operating on a voluntary basis.

How do we communicate, care for and cultivate each other’s strengths? How can dancefloors be spaces for democratised interactions? How do we learn, uplift and share resources? Where can we find belonging? What does quality time together look like? What are the vibes that thrill and heal? Beyond religion and secularism, what are the rituals of future generations? Where do we confront tensions and grow past intergenerational baggage? Towards what is the groovement leading us? What for and how do we live?

Such are some of the questions we sit and grapple with and that our annual pilgrimage seeks to engage with. 

If you find alignment and excitement in how we roll, and you want to keep this shapeshifting project afloat, pop some bills in our slot machine and spin with us. 

Drop now into the WOW.

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Associação Waking Life is a non-profit association under Portuguese law with tax number (NIF) 514274891.